Course Details

Class Structure

* 1 qualified video professional instructor * In-class group work * All studio work to be completed in class [no out shooting allowed] * 3 or 4 to a group * Family and Friends screening on the final day

Tools Used

* DVDs (G rated & former student projects) * TV & DVD player * HP laptop [1 computer per class] * Microsoft Word * Sony DCR-HC65 Mini DV Camera * JVC GR-D850U Mini DV Camera * audio-technica ATR55 shotgun microphone with switchable pickup patterns & boom pole * Editing Software

What will the students have the opportunity to learn?

On air confidence, reading comprehension, research skills, writing skills, video production and editing skills, team work, preparedness

What will be taught to the students?

Understanding video production, understanding their topic, demonstrating their talents, coming up with a treatment to communicate their ideas, conducting preproduction [writing script, identifying locations, talent, etc], shooting the film, editing during postproduction, creating a DVD, and the screening process.


$135 + supply fee [TOTAL: $145-155/child]